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NOOOOOOOO….you CAN NOT ride your sister like a BULL!!!!!!


Sooo….if you know our family, you know that I have a little cowboy…….it makes my mama heart feel better to still call him “little”. 

This story begins when he was about 2 1/2 years old and THE Girl was not even crawling yet…….YES I KNOW YOU HAVE HEARD THIS ONE, but it leads up to the next one, so bear with me!!!!    SHEEESH!!!!!

I am in the kitchen making something and I hear this little distressed squeaking noise from the living room…..I walk around the corner and there is THE Girl on her stomach with her big brother on her back…….he has a rope under her and has one hand high in the air…..

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!”  I ask ever so calmly!!!

 “I was just riding sissy like a bull!”

***Things you NEVER imagine coming out of your mouth as a mother………“NOOOOOO…… CAN NOT ride your sister like a bull!!!!!”

He never again pretended that THE girl was a bull, but the couch arm, the footboard of the bed, the toy box….etc…..was fair game.

I REALLY thought he would someday grow out of this stage, but at almost 12 (aaaaggghhhhhh) he still wants to be a bull rider.  So what does a mother do in a case like this…….?!?!?!    TAKE HIM TO MEET PROFFESIONAL BULL RIDERS, of course!!!!! 

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So he hung out with and talked smack (lots of it) with Luke Kelley, Lorenzo Rios, and Fransisco Morales!   I REALLY think Cory and Luke were cut from the same cloth!   OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!  They talked smack for a good 20 minutes till Cory shut him down with “I’ve had more girlfriends than you will ever have in your dreams.”  That is when Luke turned to me and told me “He definently talks like a bull rider!”  oh my!!!!

What I got from the whole experience…………This is what I wanna do when I grow up!!!!!!!……..


MY George Eastman…….


These are a bit old, but ones I def NEED to share…….During the school year, last year, THE Girl had to do an oral book report and dress up as the main character…..She came home with a book about George Eastman……and the pics are the rest of the story…….ENJOY!

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“Albuquerque…we have a problem”


So apparently, the Spelling Bee is scheduled for the same day that the boys are scheduled to go to a ‘Hunter’s Safety’ class with some friends….HHHMMMM….what to do.

If you know Cory, you know what his answer is…

Cory's first kill

Cory's first kill

 But as a mom, where do I put the priorities?   He was SOOO amped to win the school bee,  I think it would be really good for him to go to the Bee, and there will always be another Hunters Safety class, but can I make him and his dad see my point….this remains to be seen!

I don’t have pics, cuz I have a job :(


*****I don’t have pictures of this, because I have a job that I have to take care of other peoples children while my children do amazing things that I miss out on!*****

Well folks…a miracle happen today…someone I birthed won a spelling bee


I know!!!!  It is C*R*A*Z*Y!

If you know me, you understand and you are about to fall out of your chair at the thought of an offspring of mine being in a spelling bee of all things AND winning it!!!!  Yes, I know…a beauty contest would be a little more believable, but I am really not making it up! 

Oh!!  by the way……it was Cory and we will be heading to Alb.  (hi Debbie can we stay with you!?!?!  😉 ).

Is there really anything better…


…than a package in the mail?!?!
I just love getting mail (even if there are little tacky notes on the envelope)!
Thanks Kat! It might just be my new fav shirt! I love it!
As for the ‘Oklahoma who!?!?‘ comment…Shelby was the one who got the package out of the box and she could not understand how someone did not know about Oklahoma…I am thinking it might have backfired on you! Cuz now no matter how much I talk up you being smart and all, Shelby will always remember you as ‘The one who didn’t know about Oklahoma!’ HMMMM.

"Oklahoma Who?"

"Oklahoma Who?"

Thank you Big!  I love it!