FOOTBALL season!


The reason for my absence lately is football (both kinds).  Cory is in Football now and Shelby is in Soccer.  This is really the first time they have been in two different sports at the same time (and for my sanity, maybe the last)!  Cory has practice M-F 5:30-7:30.  Am I the only one who thinks this is totally rediculous? and Shelby has practice M, W, and F 5:00-5:45.   ANYWAYS–enough of the belly achin’ and on to the good stuff!

Cory had his first game on Saturday.  Although he was on the team last year he never got to play (remember the McDonald’s Door  accident?!?! )  So Saturday was his first game ever and he came up to me right befor the game and said   “Mom, I have a butterfly right here.” (and points to the right/center part of his stomach)

All that practice paid off…Cory’s team (the JETS) beat the other team so bad, they stopped keeping score at half time and just let the clock run the whole second half!

Here are a few pics from the game!!  Enjoy!  (double click the picture to see it bigger)


Shelby’s First Soccer game is this Saturday…will post pics then!

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  1. Your uncle billy says hang in there, Cory! Shelby, you are a pretty cheer leader…looks like you are growing taller! Tell your mama and daddy we miss them. Make a plan! aunt patsy and uncle billy

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