This IS what a ‘hookey mom’ would do…


‘Man’,  Thanks for the  question that helped me make the decision!  Much appreciated!

So…. he is going to hunter’s safety…some things you fight for and something you just close your eyes, shake you head and say ‘whatever’!

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  1. LOL
    “Man” is such a helpful sort of guy. :0)
    We would have made the same decision…you can’t make the kid miss something that he is excited for just because he won a spelling bee. Seriously…what exactly would that teach him in the long run?

  2. Did you let the school know so that the runner up could go?

    You are a good mom for doing that, it would have been a hard decision. I think, anyways.

  3. I’m glad he gets to go! I always say I’m the mean mom who won’t let the kids miss school. And i know this isn’t the same thing, but it would have been hard for me too because academics over extra stuff! It’s tough huh?

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