prim and proper……..YAH RIGHT!!!!


A few weeks ago my mom and I spent three days together going through pics and sharing many stories….(you know….the kind you wait to tell till you are grown! heehee) ….and laughs…..and tears!

After Christmas I want to blog some of the pics we found but here is one to tide you over……..

So…. as long as I can remember my mom has tried to instill the “prim and proper” into me!  We all see how that turned out!  but apparently I was resistant very early on……..

mom and me

Needless to say…….this one had me laughing for hours!!!!!!!


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  1. There are no words, Amy. That is one of the most descriptive photos I have ever seen! You might not be “prim and proper”, but you are classy and fun and have turned out far better than that photo might have suggested! Hee Hee!

  2. Priceless!!!! Thinking back she tried to instill that in others of us who spent time there… She instilled in us some excellent qualities even if the prim and proper never stuck! Bless her heart she failed miserably on those two…. Hee hee!

  3. OOOooooh! I love LoVe lOvE your blog’s new name!! Perfect. And the new look? Beautiful. And the many, many new posts you are going to rapid fire at us? Even better. Whatcha waitin’ for?

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