Out of Order…


This post is a little “out of order”…last week-end (before school started) we took a quick trip to Ruidoso…


We went to check on the cabin, not sure what we were going to find since the flood, but it was all intact!  The stream behind the cabin was running pretty good and we took a little hike down it

Shelby exploring

Shelby exploring


Cory exploring

Cory exploring

(will those pants ever be the same?!?!)

There are lots of clover patches by our cabin and I always look to find a four leaf clover….

I was so very excited to find one right away!….

MY Four Leaf Clover!!

MY Four Leaf Clover!!

I could not understand why no one else was as excited as I was…until I saw that…..

Shelby found one TOO!!!
Shelby found one TOO!!!

Shelby and I went back after our hike to see if we could find any more, but we didn’t….I think after we could not find anymore, Shebly understood how unusual it was to find one.

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  1. We wish we could have explored with youall…that would have been a four leaf clover to me! We love you. aunt patsy and uncle billy

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