Is there really anything better…


…than a package in the mail?!?!
I just love getting mail (even if there are little tacky notes on the envelope)!
Thanks Kat! It might just be my new fav shirt! I love it!
As for the ‘Oklahoma who!?!?‘ comment…Shelby was the one who got the package out of the box and she could not understand how someone did not know about Oklahoma…I am thinking it might have backfired on you! Cuz now no matter how much I talk up you being smart and all, Shelby will always remember you as ‘The one who didn’t know about Oklahoma!’ HMMMM.

"Oklahoma Who?"

"Oklahoma Who?"

Thank you Big!  I love it!

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  1. You tell the brilliant and lovely Miss Shelby that I will never be as smart as her anyway. We will leave the sports sarcasm for the adults… LOL. Funny thing? I sent that out BEFORE the game that shall remain unmentioened was played. HeeHEe! Glad you like it though. Love ya!!

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