I don’t have pics, cuz I have a job :(


*****I don’t have pictures of this, because I have a job that I have to take care of other peoples children while my children do amazing things that I miss out on!*****

Well folks…a miracle happen today…someone I birthed won a spelling bee


I know!!!!  It is C*R*A*Z*Y!

If you know me, you understand and you are about to fall out of your chair at the thought of an offspring of mine being in a spelling bee of all things AND winning it!!!!  Yes, I know…a beauty contest would be a little more believable, but I am really not making it up! 

Oh!!  by the way……it was Cory and we will be heading to Alb.  (hi Debbie can we stay with you!?!?!  😉 ).

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  1. Whoa! Wait a minute… what?! I just happpened to check your blog today. I’m crawling up off of the chair that I fell off of!! You have posted more than once since I last checked it!!! Wow!

    I’m confused about the tag. Huh?

  2. Oh, and tell Cory congrats!! And Good luck with the Death March. I hear it goes through the sand!? Um, yeah, not my idea of a good time.
    If you wore any other kind of shoe, I probably wouldn’t recognize you. Not a good idea. It’s so totally you.

    Thanks again for the honey. You are such a honey! I need to buy honey by the gallon from your mom and dad- we go through it like water.

  3. Mindi****you know…you tagged me a long while back and i have it written up, just not posted because I have pictures to attach to it! LOL! Should I e-amil you to warn you when I actually post something, so you won’t hurt yourself!?!?

  4. Way to go Cory!! Yeah, he must get that from his daddy’s side. I remember school days little missy… he does NOT get it from you. 🙂 Tell him I said GOOD LUCK!!

  5. Welllll even if myy mother isn’t going to reply i vote yes that youu can stay with us! haha if she doesn’t want youu here i’ll let ya’ll live in my closet for the weekend! 😉 but tell cory i’m proud of him! and i’m pretty shure he gets his great spelling from his annie! cuz if youu remember correctly i won a couple spelling bee’s myself! =P but love ya’ll and cant wait to see youu!!! =]

    P.S. inform cory this does NOT count for his weekend he owes me for not coming to see me with his daddy =[ lol

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