Goats and Dancin’ boots


           ****I wish I had pics of all of this….but I don’t, so use your imagination****

Cory loves to help his PaPa do anything and everything.  PaPa and NaNa have had goats then they get tired of messin with them and sell them and then get more…and on and on!!!   Just the other day we were walking to the mail box and Cory said “You know mom, PaPa is gonna break down pretty soon and buy some goats.”   The very next day Uncle Ricky came by and said PaPa was gonna buy some more goats…Cory got very excited, jumping up and down and screaming…“I told you he was gonna break down, I told you!”   Now, if you know Cory, you don’t have a problem at all picturing that!

For the last few of days it has been Cory’s (mainly) Jody’s and PaPa’s mission to go get that load of goats. The weeds around here are head high (to Cory 🙂 )

Day #1  Jody started to back the truck up to the “goat trailer” and it got stuck in the combination of goat poo and hay.  Apparently, the moisture from the last weeks rain could not escape, causing the nastiest stinkiest mess!

Day #2  They let the truck sit to let the poo-hay dry out.  (Cory was not a happy camper.)

Day#3  (While we all were at work and school) Nana Jane got the truck out and parked it under the car port (without the trailer).   ” I guess we aren’t going to get goats….again!”   (pouting)

Day #4  (While we all were at work and school, again)  Nana Jane got the truck backed back in the goat pen and hooked up to the trailer.  Cory was very excited when we drove up and saw the trailer hooked on, but went to “check on it” and saw it was stuck…not so excited

Day #5   The truck sat…..more drying out time. 

Day #6      (This is where the boots come in)  Jody got home from work today and after playing with Shelby in the sprinkler for a while, he and Cory went to get the truck out….Jody sends Cory to the shed to get a rake and Cory stops for a minute and says….

“Well, these are not ranchin’ boots, they are dancin’ boots, but I guess I can work in them for a little bit.”

These boots he speaks of are a year old, barely fit, and are terribly trashed!   Apparently that makes for good dancin boots.    ?!?!?

Back to the goat story…..Cory, Jody, and I spent about an hour getting the truck un-stuck and they are getting goats as I type.   The goat gettin trip was my currency with Cory and school this week….what will I do next week?

Hope you have a wonderful week-end filled with wonderful memory making opportunities. 

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  1. Oh, I can so picture that!
    Well…I think to each his own…you gotta dance and ranch with what you have on! And old, worn out boots are indeed danc’n AND goat get’n boots! LOL Love it!

  2. Welp!!! I cannn DEFINITELY picture Mr. Cory Vaughn doing all that! lol That boyy is definitely a character all his own! I miss youu guyys lots youu should come see us some weekend or maybe I can convince myy mom one of these days soon to let me drive down and see ya’ll!! Well i guess I’ll let youu go! (I should be doing history homework =/) Love youu Auntie Amy!!!! Give yer monkeys a HUGE hug and a kiss from me!

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