The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident!

So today  starts the last week of THE most wonderful job I have ever had…….you know….the kind you look forward to EVERY morning.   Seriously!?!?!?  They were paying me to do that!   WOWZER!!!!  It was definitely God’s hand in getting me there……I can only imagine what he has for me next!

I have learned ALOT in the last couple of months, but what I will walk away with and hold close is how to be an encourager…….CHRISTY PENN is an encourager.  Thank you, Sweet Friend, for teaching me and letting me share in this little leg of your journey!  


A man’s heart plans his way,

But the Lord directs his step.     Prov  16:9


For I know the thoughts that I think towards you,

says the Lord,

thoughts of  Peace and NOT of evil, to give you a FUTURE  and a HOPE!     Jeremiah 29:11




*** TAGGED ***


o.k.   So I was “tagged” a while back (a lOOOOOng while back) and just never did respond.

I am suppose to list 6 things about myself that I have not blogged about yet….( if you know me, some of these will not be news to you! LOL)

Here it goes!****


 1)    I  H*A*T*E  chocolate! (white choc is o.k.)

2)   I am the baby and the only girl in my family (three older brothers)…yes,     I was and am quite spoiled (just ask my hubby) .  I have heard that it is O.K. to be spoiled as long as you are not spoiled rotten!

3)   Growing up, we did not have a TV (wish we did not have one now!)

4)  I like feet and hands (not in a weird fetish way).  If I have hung out with you more than two or three times, I could probably identify you by your hands, just one of those quirky things.

5)  I live on a compound.  LOL        Might post about that one day!

6)  I don’t like ladders (not scared of heights, just don’t like ladders!)  and pliers (they make the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up!  Not if I use them, but if someone is holding them and is standing next to me.)

O.K.  I think that is enough ammo  for now…

What is in a (nick)NAME!?!


Do you have a nickname?!   Do you love your nickname or is it a sore reminder of  days gone by!?!?!  Is it a name that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?  Does it rake on your nerves when some people use it and make you feel OVERLY loved when THAT person says it!?

People put alot of thought into naming their kids… well they should…..they are stuck with it for life.  How much thought goes into a nickname…….usually non……it just happens.

I have an Uncle Punk……suppose to be born on the fourth of July……came a day late!  lol  (that one cracks me up)  58 years old and still goes by his nickname!

Some guy in Kentucky running for sherrif named “Peanut” … yes….that is on his election sign……..AND HE WON!     seriously!?!  and noone seems to know his “real”  name!

My Papa always called my Grandma “Nuisance”….you should have seen her eyes light up and when she would leave little notes to him, that is how she would sign them! 

I have my two “Brendas”…and on a good day, one of them is also known as “Buckwheat”.

To my Scotty, I was “Goon”………why………once again……who knows! but I loved it!

To my brothers and my daddy (sometimes my momma) I am “Sissy”……you should have seen the looks on the third and fourth grade kids faces when I would walk  into my mom’s classroom and she would call me “Sissy”! (lots of giggles and whispers!)

For a long time in school I was “FAMOUS AMOUS”!  and my friends were “Ape”, “Sketty”, “Bug”, “Kat” you get the picture!  lol

But the nickname that started this post is the one I got on the day I was born…..”PIE”.   My mom is the only one that has ever called me Pie, but it does sweet things to my soul to hear “Pie Alicyn”.

…..long story short…..I was born on the same day that precious momma of mine made 24, yes folks……TWENTY FOUR (24) apple pies!

So what is your NICKNAME!?!?!?!  I wanna know!

promises…..and breathing….and TOES! <3


HHHHMMMMMMM…..well, looking back on this blog, I have discovered I made lots of promises that I failed to keep.   I mentioned many things and said I would post about them later and NEVER DID!    So very sorry if you have been holding your breathe……PLEASE BREATHE NOW!!!!!   I don’t think I will back track and post those posts, but I will try not to mention things unless I am prepared at*that*moment* to post it!    :o)

apparently my life is much more boring than it was when i started this thing, because I have been trying to think of something to post all day (and cleaning house)…….I guess if it is “blog worthy” I will not have to think so hard……and THAT will be a good thing!

Don’t you just love my header pic?!?!?!?!   That would be THE girls toes and her precious little freckle on the side of her foot!   Oh the things that make this heart happy!

“password”…..are you kidding me?!?!?!


So you know you have neglected your blog and it is truly on “life support” (lol, Mr. Man) when they ask for your password and you have NO IDEA what it is!!!!    Well, now I remember (reset :o) ) and I plan to blog away!  

I really love to blog!   I have never in my life kept a journal…..this seems a bit journalish and I like it!

I had debated on starting a new blog……actually set one up, but never did anything with it.  I thought starting a new one would be easier than logging onto this one and being “sad in my heart”, but is wasn’t…….it was like I was trying to act like the sad things in my life didn’t happen, but they did and I survived (barely)! 

If you make it this far, please come back, and we can chat again!    :o)