The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident!

So today  starts the last week of THE most wonderful job I have ever had…….you know….the kind you look forward to EVERY morning.   Seriously!?!?!?  They were paying me to do that!   WOWZER!!!!  It was definitely God’s hand in getting me there……I can only imagine what he has for me next!

I have learned ALOT in the last couple of months, but what I will walk away with and hold close is how to be an encourager…….CHRISTY PENN is an encourager.  Thank you, Sweet Friend, for teaching me and letting me share in this little leg of your journey!  


A man’s heart plans his way,

But the Lord directs his step.     Prov  16:9


For I know the thoughts that I think towards you,

says the Lord,

thoughts of  Peace and NOT of evil, to give you a FUTURE  and a HOPE!     Jeremiah 29:11



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  1. Sweet Amy! You are My Encourager! Thank you for being You- So wonderful and positive! What a way to end this phase of my journey! Blessed with a Sweet friend and many great memories!
    Future and a Hope…. We can always encourage one another on our journeys! I love you Amy Pie!

  2. Aww, I don’t know what you two are talking about, but it makes me proud too know you both, but sad at the same time for your “journey” ending. Blessing and peace ya’ll

  3. Take the experience and let it lead you on your next path in your journey. It may have all been a stepping stone to where you are meant to be or you may have been placed in Christy’s life to help her to where SHE needs to be. He is very clever that way….. :0)

    Love you!!

    • :O) You are so right! (that was hard to type! ROFL!!!)

      I am glad you, my friend, are back in my life so we can share journeys together!

  4. My Amy, You are right to think God is watching all that concerns you and your precious friend and that there is adventure and purpose around the next corner for you both! Be comforted…Be blessed…Be to see your Aunt Patsy as soon as you can and consider yourself hugged…I am praying blessings over you knowing I am only agreeing with God’s plan! I love you. Aunt Patsy

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