*** TAGGED ***


o.k.   So I was “tagged” a while back (a lOOOOOng while back) and just never did respond.

I am suppose to list 6 things about myself that I have not blogged about yet….( if you know me, some of these will not be news to you! LOL)

Here it goes!****


 1)    I  H*A*T*E  chocolate! (white choc is o.k.)

2)   I am the baby and the only girl in my family (three older brothers)…yes,     I was and am quite spoiled (just ask my hubby) .  I have heard that it is O.K. to be spoiled as long as you are not spoiled rotten!

3)   Growing up, we did not have a TV (wish we did not have one now!)

4)  I like feet and hands (not in a weird fetish way).  If I have hung out with you more than two or three times, I could probably identify you by your hands, just one of those quirky things.

5)  I live on a compound.  LOL        Might post about that one day!

6)  I don’t like ladders (not scared of heights, just don’t like ladders!)  and pliers (they make the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up!  Not if I use them, but if someone is holding them and is standing next to me.)

O.K.  I think that is enough ammo  for now…

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  1. if you think the hands are a mix of carpenter, nervous nail biter and lotionless, you’ve found me.

    hmmm…i should blog again. i miss it. i miss all you guys too!

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