promises…..and breathing….and TOES! <3


HHHHMMMMMMM…..well, looking back on this blog, I have discovered I made lots of promises that I failed to keep.   I mentioned many things and said I would post about them later and NEVER DID!    So very sorry if you have been holding your breathe……PLEASE BREATHE NOW!!!!!   I don’t think I will back track and post those posts, but I will try not to mention things unless I am prepared at*that*moment* to post it!    :o)

apparently my life is much more boring than it was when i started this thing, because I have been trying to think of something to post all day (and cleaning house)…….I guess if it is “blog worthy” I will not have to think so hard……and THAT will be a good thing!

Don’t you just love my header pic?!?!?!?!   That would be THE girls toes and her precious little freckle on the side of her foot!   Oh the things that make this heart happy!

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  1. Amy, I love that it’s snowing…I love that God ‘knows’…I love that you’re writing…that, in trials, we grows! 🙂
    (smiley face) Aunt Patsy

  2. Amy, Uncle Billy says “Change that to Pie” (He likes that nickname!) Uncle Billy likes your blog page…He says it stirs up the hearts of the people around you. He also says since you loved that business so, if it’s available, you should buy it! I tho’t maybe you should buy that oven and make a line of dishes like our cups you gave us for a wedding present! Uncle Billy says it might not be the ‘time’ for that. People always want their pictures taken. We love you. Hug Jody and our little great niece and great nephew for us! Aunt Patsy and Uncle Billy

    • Tell “Slim” he is the 4th person to say that! :o) i think it would be awful hard to talk Jody into it!!!! SOMEDAY!!!! Hug each other for us and we will hug ourselves here! XOXOXOXOX

      • I found out!!!!!! put your mouse over the top of the “green thing” and click where it says “for a better pic’ or somthing like that……….it will take you through a few steps to upload a pic from you comp! I {heart} you!!!!

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