“password”…..are you kidding me?!?!?!


So you know you have neglected your blog and it is truly on “life support” (lol, Mr. Man) when they ask for your password and you have NO IDEA what it is!!!!    Well, now I remember (reset :o) ) and I plan to blog away!  

I really love to blog!   I have never in my life kept a journal…..this seems a bit journalish and I like it!

I had debated on starting a new blog……actually set one up, but never did anything with it.  I thought starting a new one would be easier than logging onto this one and being “sad in my heart”, but is wasn’t…….it was like I was trying to act like the sad things in my life didn’t happen, but they did and I survived (barely)! 

If you make it this far, please come back, and we can chat again!    :o)

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  1. this is interesting to me! it’s good to be able to let loose without having people judge you (at least not to your face)! last night i wrote from one of the saddest parts of my heart but i haven’t finished it yet and i’m debating “making it live”…so, tell us more! TELL US MORE! TELL US MORE!

  2. I am not much of a “talker” (about serious stuff…i can joke and sarcasim all day!) and this has been really good for me…..

  3. well amy and i blog all the time…but its good seeing it on a screen. lol…..maybe those of u who dont know my sweet friend like i do will get to see her for who she really is…bright, beautiful,bold, and loves brenda….love billy…o i mean buckwheat…try saying that three times fast…goodness thats alot of B’s…just a thought….

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