back at it***my mission***my soap box***my shoes***MY GOODNESS!


WOW!!!  School started back yesterday (from a two week break)…I was so NOT ready.  I really don’t understand people that are “ready” for their kids to go back to school after a break.  I realize that they must go back, I would just rather have them right here with me, hangin’ out.

So, my sweet hubby has big plans for us the end of March…we are going to do the “Bataan Memorial Death March”.  From what I understand, it is a full marathon…I really should check these things out before I commit! Oh Well!  When I first started teaching PE this year I ran with all my classes, then a couple of things happened and I felt like I needed to be more of an observer (teacher) than a participant, but yesterday I ran with my 6th grade class and cam in 4th….4TH!!!!  When you were in school, if you coach would have run with you, would you have at least given a little effort? Maybe I am a little weird,  but I would have !!  It truly amazes me the laziness of  this generation….it is quite scary!  ANYWAYS!!!!……I will keep you posted on the progress of my mission! lol   

I tried to wear other shoes (besides my Chuck Taylor Converse) 08-02-08_17391but my heart would not let me yet..  If nothing else, this will get me out of my “need” to wear my converse….I am far to old to do a marathon in Converse Chuck Taylors…no matter how cool they are!  

And lastly…I have some really sweet pics from Christmas to post, but they are still all on my camera (hoping that saying that much will get me in gear to get them on the comp!!) 

Which brings me to the dreaded New Years resolution!!

Honestly I have never made them (with TRUE intentions of keeping them)…but this year one of them and the biggest one and the one I hope to really follow through with is to get ALL my digital pics organized and if I take pictures, get them on the computer THAT NIGHT!!!!   Any good suggestions on where to start?   (Mindi, I have had my “tag” written up for a while, just waiting on the picture thing . LOL    Maybe it will get posted soon***then again****maybe not!)

WOW .. that was a pretty big post!   I will leave you with that***an awful lot to digest****and hope you have a BLESSED day!


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  1. Okay, ANY activity where the name includes “Death March” should have put you on the path of caution…..just saying… And you are correct Chuck Taylor’s are just not made for a cross country treck through White Sands though you would be the coolest trecker out there!

    As far as keeping your resolution good luck “Miss I always check my emails”!!! Hee Hee!

    Miss you!

  2. Kat****
    OUCH!!! That last one was a low blow!!!! LOL
    Sadly “coolest” goes out the window when you get old! It sux, but it is true. 😦

  3. March, huh? All I can say is ouch. I ran with the boys the other day…ended up with a back that need chiropractic care!
    And…yes…you need some good shoes, your converse probably won’t cut it even with gel inserts. ;0)
    I completely agree with you, I would have so tried to beat my PE coach.
    I highly recommend some sort of digital picture organizing software…makes downloading and organizing a cinch.
    Love ya…and am so glad you posted as I find myself up at 3:30 am and this was my best surprise of the “morning”. 🙂

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