Out of hibernation……


…to wish Holly T. a very VEry VERY happy BIRTHDAY!!!!! 

 You are such a precious friend! 

 Hope you have a ggrrrrrEIGHT (Tony the Tiger voice) day!

For everyone else (if you are still around!)  I hope to get it together enough to post very soon.

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  1. Nope dearest Aunt Amy
    i still check this lil blog thingy to see what myy favorite auntie is up to but there hasn’t been much newws cuz yer such a busy bee!! ;] lol but love youu can’t wait to see ya’ll at thanksgiving, btw tell jody congrats on his oryx! and i tagged out with a lil tiny four point buck this weekend haha.
    but i love youu! give everyone a big big hug!
    Annie Bananie

  2. I tagged you on my blog. Huh! Now you HAVE to post.
    BTW: Thank you again for being the dear friend that you are an hauling me up to ABQ.

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