It has been a while!

I have soooo much to catch up with you about, but not alot of time!  Just seems to be how it is when you get old!

It looks like all my posts will be a day late but not a dollar short (i promise you will get your moneys worth!)    A day late, because…..I HAVE A JOB!!!!!   WHAT!?!?!?!  Yes, a J*O*B!  I am officially Coach (or Ms) Scifres at where else, but GCS!!!!  I started coaching PE yesterday for the elementary and JR high.   They tried to run me off the first class I had but I am tougher than they remember me being when I went to school there! 🙂  I had 1st and 2nd grade together!!!  38 of them!!  All together!!  By myself!!! 

Lots of people have told me, over the last couple of weeks, that having this job would be good for me, I could keep my mind off of “things”.  At that time I would just nod and agree and think “you are truely crazy”, because no matter what I did or where I went there was something there to remind me of Scotty.  But let me tell you that when you have 38….wait count them again, I think I missed one!…yes 38 small children you have to look after and take them back SAFELY to their classes, you don’t think about ANYTHING else!

Cory and Shelby started school yesterday….

Cory in 3rd… 



Shelby in 1st…


(no 1st day of school pics of me…SORRY!)

I have lots more to share….maybe this after noon I will get back to you…

Have a BLESSED day!


The biggest THANK YOU to all  of you who have left comments and sent flowers and food..WOW the food! and just been there for me the last couple of weeks, you all are such a blessing and truely a gift from God!  I love you all!!!  I have lots more to share on getting through this time, so please come back!


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  1. I had heard you got a job, so I was thinking about you yesterday! I’m glad you survived your first day. And I am so, so happy to see you back to blogging. Hope everything is going well for you, we are still carrying you close to our hearts.

  2. Things have been so crazy here since I got back from Roswell, but I’ve thought about you many times. I am so excited that you are working at Gateway–sounds like a great job, and I can promise you with that many little kids–never a dull moment or a chance to breathe, or a break… :o) Actually, working with kids like that is one of the most rewarding things out there–not in a monetary way of course :o) but in many other ways. Still keeping you and the family in my prayers!
    Love you so much!

  3. Always in my thoughts, glad to see you are staying busy and I pray it helps bring peace and comfort. I truly wish I was there and could have been there. You are loved. The kids look great….they are SOOOOO BIG! Love and miss you.

  4. Amy,

    I loved the pictures and finding the 4 leaf clover. How great it is to take pleasure in the little things. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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