Just wondering


Do you ever want to grab someone by the ears and SCREAM in their face….

 “WHAT THE @#%*$^&% ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?

Not that it would make a bit of difference, but maybe it would make me feel better.

Just wondering.

(this post has NOTHING to do with my precious kids, incase you got a little freaked out there for a minute!)

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  1. Why Yes!!!!! Would this be something like the time at Hastings????? Hey are you guys going to go to Texas? Let me know. Love ya

  2. WOW! No, me, never. Not once. Not just five minutes ago. I would never have the urge to do something like that. Wouldn’t cross my mind. I’m the perfect mom.

  3. Of course not! I am WAY too calm and collected for that. If you ask the guys I work with that are all in neck braces and casts they would say otherwise….. but who listens to them anyway…they fib…it’s a conspiracy….. 🙂

  4. Of course I have to do it to myself on occasion as well, which is really amusing to watch, or so I hear….LOL.

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