They made the FRONT page!


Cory went to help his Poppy (my dad) at the Farmers Market this weekend. 

Shelby showed up for the last thirty minutes

(perfect timing…all the publicity and non of the work!)

This was the first Farmers Market Saturday of the year and Cory is already rarin’ to go next Saturday and all the ones to follow!  That boy loves to work…Poppy said he was an awesome little salesman.

 (I can believe THAT!!)

The look on Cory’s face is the new “big man” look….I have a picture of him and one of his camp counselors with this same look on his face…BOYS!!!

Have a Honey Sweet Day!

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  1. Amy, they said my IP (whatever that is!) address is banned from receiving their e-mail. I checked how to change it, but am afraid to start monkeying with my computer. Is there another way we can see Cory? I loved the pictures of Peggy and Shelby! Wow! Shelby is some little artist, like her grandma. I wrote a non-fiction story I am going to send to Guideposts about Kaley’s visit here. I’ll send it to you e-mail. Read it to my kids and tell me what youall think! I love you! Aunt Patsy (Your Uncle Billy is napping…I’m sure he’ll have something to say when he gets up and reads the new stuff!)

  2. Dear Amy, Uncle Billy says, “Cory, keep up the good work helping Poppy. I always knew you would be a good salesman.” “Shelby, I liked your painting. Get MoMo to bring youall to our house and paint our calves and horses. Bring Mama and Daddy and Cory with you!” “Amy, I’m sure you and brother will have some exciting adventures. Just be careful of that faraway look!” We love youall so much…Aunt Patsy

  3. Zane showed that to me! I was going to call you to make sure you saw it, but I figured y’all were expecting it. They looked so cute and important!

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