We are still hearing daily stories of Cory’s camp adventure.  Most of them came out when we first got there and on the way home…some of them are growing each time he tells them!

The first thing that TOTALLY shocked me, was when I went to help him pack…WOW!  That room was horrible! (every parent that came in while I was helping Cory pack, calmly looked around and said..”Hmmmm…looks like your room at home son!”   Appearently they have done away with the “dirty sock” award (what they had when I went to camp there, for the dirtiest cabin).  If they have NOT done away with it, I would have hated to see the one that got that award!


As I was helping him pull all his belongings out from under his bunk, we get to the very last thing that was so far back, I had to send him in after it, his shaving kit. Not that he shaves, but you know, the SOAP, SHAMPOO, TOOTH BRUSH and TOOTH PASTE ( Daily Essentials!)  As my precious boy is handing this to me he says in a very matter of fact voice…..”Oh yeah, mom, by the way, I never took a shower.”    WHAT!?!?!?!  Never?!?!? Not one?  Then as I am opening his bag to make sure we have eveything, appearently he found it unnecessary to change pants also!!!  All of his other shorts and pants (he was wearing his Wranglers, of course!)  were still very neatly motherly fold and packed.  There were THREE dirty shirts and lots of underwear and socks to wash. (at least he changed those!)

So we are walking out the camp gate, totally mortified that my son has not taken a shower in 5 days (thankfully he did not stink, only becasue he went down the 250′ water slide 5 times that day (does that count as five baths?))  Cory is holding my hand and says, “Mom, that was the best week of my life.  I can’t wait to come back next year!” 

 I stopped and took a picture…

…with a view like that, I might have forgotten to take a shower too!   I love you Cory Vaughn!!!

More camp stories to come!

Have a BEAUTIFULLY blessed day!

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  1. Gotta Love that Cory. Pretty Cool blog you got going little sis. I have enjoyed it. Thanks for taking care of my girl.
    Love to all,

  2. I love love love that! Well, at least you don’t have a ton of laundry to do when that kiddo gets home from camp. 😉
    That place is beautiful! God did good when he made that part of New Mexico.

  3. Wow! What a perfect shot of God’s creation. I am so glad that Cory had the best week of his life! I can just hear him saying that. Did he ever brush his during the week?!

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