Just for you!


If nothing else, this blog has been to re-connect with you all!

I have so enjoyed hearing from everyone! 

I love the comments…(keep-em comin’)! 🙂


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  1. Oh, as if a phone call or instant message conversation is not normally worked into our day…I still love reading your blog too!
    Love ya girl and am enjoying your blog.

  2. Dear little Amy, What a happy memory! No baths, huh?! I remember picking you up at that place…I have pictures somewhere of the stables and you sitting on a log. None as beautiful as the one you took! I like Shelby with all those braids…She reminds me of her mother with her exotic choice of pets! Your mama is writing a story to send to place I am sending my poems…It needs to be typed and double-spaced with a by-line…telling about herself. I’ll bet you could type it up for her. Give Jody and my little ‘greats’ a hug and make a plan to come see me before school starts… We love you! Aunt Patsy and Uncle Billy. This is fun!

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