Hi-Ho Hi-Ho—it’s off to camp he goes!


If you have kids, you will know exactly what I am talking about.

I took Cory to camp yesterday afternoon…and my heart has not stopped doing little flipsflops all morning.  Shelby had a pretty rough time getting to sleep last night and sounded pretty restless in there all night.  I think it will be a really good thing for him to be there (if Shelb and I can survive it).  Jody was laughing at me last night, cuz I was already on the web-site looking to see if they had posted any pics yet. (no they had not..obvious not a first time campers mom running the show!!)

I told  Shelb we would make a pecan pie and see if one of her friends could come over for a play date, so i better hop to it!

Have a peacefully BLESSED day!



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  1. Oh…yeah I would have been checking for pics already too!
    We should do some playing tomorrow…do you have plans already?
    Thank you soooo much helping me out today…you were a total blessing!

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