Here we GOOOOOO!


O.K.  So I have been debating (with myself, cuz who else cares) on starting this blog.  I actually clicked the “start your own blog” button about three months ago…and there it sat.

I don’t really know how this will go, but I thought that so much has changed in my life in the last month, so why not add something else to the mix.

I hope you enjoy my Random Crazies and have a wonderfully BLESSED day!

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  1. We love you! We are glad you put us on your mail list. Looks like Cory is having a happy time. You guys enjoy the ‘girl’ time! Mama-Daughter, I mean. What kind of memories can you make? Sculptie Clay is fun…or, perhaps you want to do some Mother-Daughter hot chocolate cups?…or a shopping? trip? What else has changed in your life? Amy, I am going to be published! Just some of my poems…I’ll call and talk soon…Give Jody a hug for us! We’ve been snapping blackeyed peas (B.R.’s garden) today. The news says its raining there? Yea! I love you. Aunt Patsy

  2. P.S. Love’s Habits is my first poem to be published…(Paid to publish, I mean). Isn’t that appropriate!

  3. I am loving the blog…it let’s me keep up with you all. Totally love the pics too and getting to see evryone’s precious faces! Keep it up!

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